June 1, 2015

Best Tower Crane Services For Rental & Sales

The tower cranes supplied by us are sourced from our Chinese supplier manufacturing company.  This partner had built tower cranes that are currently operating in major cities in UAE.

The tower cranes we supply not high on maintenance which means it does not increase project cost.  Our tower cranes were built with quality in mind which means it can endure the tough working environment during its service life.  Their value do not devalue by very much time.

These tower cranes have been built following a reliable design that allows them to function fully and have a longer service life than other makes.  Modern equipment and methods were employed to build the tower cranes which has allowed it to meet the demands of the current construction industry.

Clients have the option of purchasing our tower cranes or going into a rental contract with us.  We provide reasonable price quotes for the tower crane you’ll need in your project.  Buyers can even inspect the unit before they purchase it.

Each tower crane will be provided with our own spare parts and maintenance services.  For technical concerns, our team of engineers will be able to perform technical backup work to ensure that operation of the tower crane is properly done.  These are all part of the after sales service we offer along with our products.

As an option, our tower cranes can also be fitted with anti-collision devices.  This ensures that accidents are minimized during operation.